Rosehearty Golf Club was first instituted in 1883, but records show that golf was played in Rosehearty long before the official formation of the club in 1883.


Col. Fordyce of Brucklay (a relative to the famous Jacobite Lord Pitsligo shown in the picture below) was a keen golfer and winner of several honours down at St Andrews and Aberdeen was a driving force behind the clubs formation; which finally came to fruition way back in 1883... and to put that in perspective Queen Victoria was the reigning monarch of the time, the Orient Express had it's first run, the Broklyn Bridge in New York City opened for use and Alexander the III is crowned Tsar of Russia...


Lord Pitsligo


Established in the lush dune land below the Castle of Pitsligo (which can still be seen today) as a 9 hole course some 1854 yards long.  The course was nestled along the sea coast, setting Rosehearty up with some outstanding foundations of a beautiful natural links course.


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The club in its formative years saw steady membership with regular competitions.  Several of these competitions agaist our neighbours along at Fraserburgh Golf Club; the scores of which we will not go into too much detail on... however it seems that the Rosehearty versus Fraserburgh competitions were always well attended and enjoyable for all.  


Unfortunatley and despite the clubs optimism and success, the club went into abeyance; a state of disuse during World War I.  The course and club were indeed reopened in 1938 but fell into a state of disuse at the start of World War II.  The course went into a state of perlonged disuse throughout the 1950's and 1960's, until in 1971 several locals took it upon themselves to re-establish the course and club. 


These efforts from some lengendary locals brought the course back from the abyss.  They kept the natural beauty of the original course and kept it true to its formation. 


To be continued

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